Tuesday, 29 April 2014

#mummyessentialproject // Week 1


This is Week 1 - Furniture (Cots, Changing Table etc)

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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Guest Post // How Many Is Enough?


In this world of dual-income families with 1.86 children, I am treated a little strangely by most people for even considering ‘more’ children. I think it would be OK if I lived in America. In the States, I would be considered normal – particularly if I already had 4 sets of multiples and was homeschooling them (now that, I would NOT want to do).

The truth is I do already have three children aged 5, 3 and 4 months. With such a little baby – my husband and family think I must be hormonally deluded to consider wanting more but deep down I always wanted 4. Actually, I can vividly remember writing down the names for my EIGHT children that I thought I’d have when I was about 14. Thankfully, I’ve since realised having EIGHT would be crazy and have moved away from the names Odette and Poppy-Lou. I do, however love to watch any programmes about large familes and admire in awe…… 16 Kids and Counting, The Duggars, John and Kate, The Waltons (as in the sextuplets or both programmes actually!) – I love them all.

Now, given I’ve lowered my estimations – I think my request for 4 is totally reasonable. My husband doesn’t agree. Why on earth would I want more? More Noise, More Mess, More Laundry, More Stress…………………

I think the truth is I just can’t fathom that the ‘baby making’ part of my life is over, I always wanted a family surrounded by chaos and noise and wanted them to have lots of brothers and sisters to play with. However, also in my dreams was a very large garden for them to meander about in and climb treehouses and make dens and a perfectly tidy house and a lovely large dining table. Our garden and dining table and house would be a squeeze with 4 children *sigh*.

I think I will regret not having just one more but nobody seriously regrets having children – do they? I once met a lady who had two and constantly talked about how she wanted three. She was bitter and saddened and I don’t want to be that lady.

It’s not that my life with three children is a peaceful haven of calm. Last night, I had to throw away one of my children’s Easter eggs because they wouldn’t go to bed and If I’m being honest, it’s a constant struggle to be the kind of mum my kids deserve. Most days, I’m making a ton of mistakes. But when life with little ones feels too crazy, I am trying to perfect the epiphany moment. The moment when I remember that these fussy toddlers and high maintenance babies will become real people, with real jobs and their own families and that makes their little ‘quirks’ (such as refusing to put their shoes on the right feet……..) seem easier to manage. Right now my kids are 5,3 and 4 months and if I had another one any time soon, that would be 4 under 6. However, when they are 10,7 and 5 – things will be different and when they are 25, 23 and 20 – even more so. I prefer to think of the gains later than the stress I’m knee deep in now.

So what is the right number of children to have? If you have just one child, people consider that a little odd. They worry that the child will turn out to be an over-confident-around-adults-kind-of-wierdo who does not know how to share with others. If you have two, you’re ordinary and possibly have managed to perfect the work-life-child-centered-adult-time balance. But then people expect you to be perfect all the time. With 3 kids, you’re still considered normal but you have more stress

and no one feels sorry for you. But if you have FOUR children, then you have a free pass for everything!

If your house is messy – don’t worry, you have 4 kids! (and if it’s clean – even better because people then think you are a domestic goddess!) Your clothes don’t match, your roots are showing, you’re a little on the tubby side – don’t worry! Who expects you to have any time to look after yourself when you have 4 little ones?

So, I’ve been thinking. How do you know when you’re done having kids? Do you just wake up one morning and realise the urge to procreate is gone? Or is it a slow, steady trickle of daily realisations? Here is my compilation of the inklings that let you know you’re done with all this baby-making lark.

1. You become super excited by selling all your baby stuff on EBay and watch avidly for the money to come rolling in.

2. You buy a dog and call it that ‘perfect baby name’ you’d been saving.

3. You are excited by the prospect of your kids growing up and becoming more self-sufficient. You’ve even written a bucket list for the ‘child-free’ days.

4. You’re literally throwing the car seats out of the car and dreaming of a sports car.

5. When someone announces they’re pregnant at work, you offer your commiserations.

6. You use 3 forms of birth control…..just to be safe.

7. You practically push your youngest child into school on their first day: “yes, you’ll love it…you really will” and skip down the road without looking back.

8. You can hold a newborn and easily pass it back to its mother when offered a glass of wine.

9. You ask to be re-seated when you’re placed next to a family with toddlers in a restaurant.

10. In the supermarket, you look on with sympathy at the sleep-deprived parents in the nappy aisle.

And as for me? Unfortunately for my husband, I can’t identify with any of these just yet. I’m toying between feeling that we have too much chaos in our lives and wanting to add a little more. As one mum said to me “Don’t plan how many children you want based on the nappies and the sleepless nights. Think instead, about how full you want the Thanksgiving table.”

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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Guest Post // Baby Shower


I watch quite a lot of reality TV programs especially ones with babies involved such as Teen Mom. They are always throwing the most amazing (and to be honest quite over the top) baby showers. They are becoming much more popular over here in the UK now so when I was pregnant I knew I wanted one.

I didn't want anything over the top, I don't think they should be about getting a crazy amount of gifts, it's more about enjoying your bump with family and friends! My sister took on the roll of host and planned it all for me which I think is a much better idea, as I had so much more on my mind by then.

It was planned for one afternoon when I was 33 weeks pregnant. This might seem quite early but I think it worked out okay, as I had my energy and wasn't too much of a whale by then haha. I only had close friends and family as again I didn't want an over the top affair, I just wanted to celebrate with those I was closest too.

My sister purchased the decorations from Ebay, they have a great selection of both boy and girl designs and low prices. She had hosted my sister's baby shower for my nephew so decided to get the girl version of those decorations which I thought was a cute touch. She also provided a great spread of food, because what's a party without a few party rings haha!

We began by opening the gifts. We were so grateful for everything we received, as we didn't expect anything! There was so much pink and girly bits, I think Jack felt a bit girly surrounded by it all haha. It was great having him there with me though, as I think it was a celebration for us not just me.

We then played a few baby shower games; this was by far the best part of the evening! The first game was the nappy challenge. Laura bought a selection of chocolate bars and then melted them down inside nappies.. you can guess what they looked like haha! We then had to smell/taste to guess what the chocolate bar was. It was so funny watching everyone licking the nappies as the contents did look pretty gross (especially the snickers as it had bits in it.. ewww!).

Next was the baby food challenge. Again Laura has pre-brought some baby food jars without us knowing. Without looking we had to taste to guess what the flavour was. They tasted horrific, I can't believe babies actually like them haha. I know they were cold but they just tasted like mush, with the weirdest flavours. The funniest bit was when Jack actually finished one of the jars.. crazy boy!

I had an amazing time, and would definitely recommend that everyone had a baby shower. It's a relaxing time and it took my mind off waiting for little miss to arrive.. well for that evening anyway!

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Sunday, 20 April 2014



So as I said I wanted to start a new project, this one is called #mummyessentialproject :) Which pretty much explains itself, these are the dates and what each week will include:

Week 1
29th April - Furniture (Cots, Changing Tables etc)

Week 2
6th May - Clothing (Baby Suits, Outfits, Bibs etc)

Week 3
13th May - Lotions & Potions (Bath, Bum Rash, Oil etc)

Week 4
20th May - Baby Comfort (Buggies, High Chair etc)

Week 5
27th May - Electrical (Bottles, Sterilisers, Monitors etc)

Week 6
3rd June - Teething (Gel, Soothing Toys etc)

Week 7
10th June - Feeding/Weaning (Food Processers, Plates, Bowls etc)

Week 8
17th June - Toys (0-6 Months, Playmats, Bouncers etc)

It shall run for the above time, I shall be participating from my own blog but there will be a post here every week for you to link your post up too :) Don't forget to use the #mummyessentialproject on Twitter too for another way for others to find you and here is a picture/blog badge for you to put into your posts too:

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Not the best badge in the world so I do apologise but first one I have ever made - proud moment!

I personally think this is great even if you are not becoming a new mum it is great to share real advice and help others :) If you have any questions or if this isn't clear enough please let me know as this is my first project. Also let me know your thoughts on this and hope you can all join in :)

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Friday, 18 April 2014



A brand spanking new blog for the Twitter community that is @mummy_bloggers - creater of the weekly #mblogchat which is every Friday 8-9pm :) The newest community for mummy bloggers, we pride ourselves in being a place where you can have a general chit chat, make friends, get some advice but mostly share and promote blogs.

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After our Twitter
@mummy_bloggers and #mblogchat being some what a success, we have decided to make this blog so mummy bloggers have a place to guest blog, join in on link ups and projects. Information on these will be announced in due course. If you have any other suggestions too please let us know in the comments or via Twitter it would be greatly appreciated :)

Would also like to add there is always someone to speak to here - a great listener and known to be a bit of an agony aunt so if you do ever need someone to talk too then please do not hesitate at all. Parenting and life in general can be such a whirl wind as well as lonely at times, blogging is a great release but sometimes you just need a friend. We can be contacted at @mummy_bloggers or mummybloggers@outlook.com :)

Not only do we have a Twitter page but also an Instagram, Subscribe By Email, Facebook, BlogLovin for you to follow by the links on your right. Be sure to follow them to keep up to date! As you can see on your right, there is a beautiful new blog button which if you wanted to put onto your page that would be absolutely amazing and there is also a poll to see what you would like to talk about in the next #mblogchat!

If you would like to be some of the first guest bloggers then please let me know - the rules are it can be anything you want to write about that you think your fellow mummy bloggers will be interested in. Looking for around 2 different bloggers a week!

Hope you enjoy this blog community plus I really hope you can join in on the #mblogchat every Friday 8-9pm on Twitter :)

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