Thursday, 24 April 2014

Guest Post // Baby Shower


I watch quite a lot of reality TV programs especially ones with babies involved such as Teen Mom. They are always throwing the most amazing (and to be honest quite over the top) baby showers. They are becoming much more popular over here in the UK now so when I was pregnant I knew I wanted one.

I didn't want anything over the top, I don't think they should be about getting a crazy amount of gifts, it's more about enjoying your bump with family and friends! My sister took on the roll of host and planned it all for me which I think is a much better idea, as I had so much more on my mind by then.

It was planned for one afternoon when I was 33 weeks pregnant. This might seem quite early but I think it worked out okay, as I had my energy and wasn't too much of a whale by then haha. I only had close friends and family as again I didn't want an over the top affair, I just wanted to celebrate with those I was closest too.

My sister purchased the decorations from Ebay, they have a great selection of both boy and girl designs and low prices. She had hosted my sister's baby shower for my nephew so decided to get the girl version of those decorations which I thought was a cute touch. She also provided a great spread of food, because what's a party without a few party rings haha!

We began by opening the gifts. We were so grateful for everything we received, as we didn't expect anything! There was so much pink and girly bits, I think Jack felt a bit girly surrounded by it all haha. It was great having him there with me though, as I think it was a celebration for us not just me.

We then played a few baby shower games; this was by far the best part of the evening! The first game was the nappy challenge. Laura bought a selection of chocolate bars and then melted them down inside nappies.. you can guess what they looked like haha! We then had to smell/taste to guess what the chocolate bar was. It was so funny watching everyone licking the nappies as the contents did look pretty gross (especially the snickers as it had bits in it.. ewww!).

Next was the baby food challenge. Again Laura has pre-brought some baby food jars without us knowing. Without looking we had to taste to guess what the flavour was. They tasted horrific, I can't believe babies actually like them haha. I know they were cold but they just tasted like mush, with the weirdest flavours. The funniest bit was when Jack actually finished one of the jars.. crazy boy!

I had an amazing time, and would definitely recommend that everyone had a baby shower. It's a relaxing time and it took my mind off waiting for little miss to arrive.. well for that evening anyway!

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