Saturday, 27 September 2014

Saturday Spotlight - Q&A // Sunshine On A Cloudy Day Blog

Q1: A bit about yourself and children?

I am Gemma, 21 newly single mummy to cheeky monkey Corey who was born prematurely in December 2010. Currently a stay at home mummy, blogging my way through our life whilst deciding on what career path to take!

Q2: A bit about your blog?

I blog about all things parenting, pregnancy, family, lifestyle, beauty and random ramblings.

Q3: When and why did you start blogging?

Started just over a year ago in September 2013. I was actually on sick leave from my then teaching job whilst recovering from surgery. I wanted a new creative out let to help me through a tough time and sharing my feelings to be myself. Never thought anyone would actually read it though!

Q4: What do you like writing about? Maybe your top 5 favourite things to write about?

Well my blog is a total mixture of things as I said in Q2, but I just write about what comes to mind or what I think is important. At the moment I have been taking a blogging break and now have SO many ideas and posts to get written up :)

Q5: Where do you get your inspiration for posts from?

Erm mainly my son Corey is my most inspiration, days out, shopping, all my interests as well as friends/ fellow bloggers!

Q6: What was your first blog post about?

I didn't really know what to do so it was a bit of an introduction to myself. I did 10 random facts about me :)

Q7: What do you find toughest about blogging?

Being able to write as I am not the greatest writer and at times it upsets me because I work myself up over it. Always finding the bad etc but I am learning to live with it and have already noticed progress in my writing skills since I first started.

Q8: What do you look for in someone else's blog?

I follow a whole lot of variety of blogs and frankly I am drawn to those with personal posts because I really feel like I can connect and get to know that fellow blogger and friend.

Q9: What advice would you give to your fellow bloggers?

If you want to write something, then go for it. Don't worry about whether you think others will like it.  It is your blog to be yourself and a place of your own so make it your own :)

Q10: Recommend three other blogs you're currently loving?

Hayley from, Nicola from and Tanya from

Q11: What is your favourite thing about blogging?

I love the blogging community, I have made so many wonderful friends through it. Hence why I started the #mblogchat and mummy bloggers community so we can all make friends, have chats, give advise and just be there for one another. My blogging friends have helped me through some really tough times and they cheer me up, make me laugh. Everyone should have friends like that :)

Q12: Where can we find you?


  1. I love these interview questions. I am also really drawn to personal posts. It is the personal that makes me come back to a blog.

  2. Aw fab get-to-know-you session! I love reading things like these and I'm the same as you, always drawn to more personal posts. Oh and shopping posts haha x #mummymonday

  3. I didn't know Corey was born prematurely.
    Great answers, lovely way to get to know a blogger better


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