Monday 18 May 2015

Mummy Monday // Linky #33


Here we are again with another #mummymonday linky :) Just want to say a massive thank you for all those old and new joining in, for the support and everything! There is always such great posts, all varied on different topics.

I always do retweets on twitter though, so tag me at @mummy_bloggers and #mummymonday and I will share on there :)

**Don't forget the rule of commenting on the two blog in front of you and more if you wish. I understand there are a couple of concerns about this new rule but it is better as everyone gets comments, hopefully even the last couple bloggers linking up should at least get one from me. It is a fairer rule than commenting on anyone as some were getting none with the old rule. It means everyone should end up with at least 4 comments (2 being from the hosts!). If you notice someone hasn't commented after a couple of days please send me a message as those rule breaking will be warned - 2 warnings and you are out basically. We have the keep this fair! Add #mummymonday into your comments, so people know it comes from this linky.**

If you have any queries or not quite sure on this then please feel free to tweet me at @mummy_bloggers or email at

Mummy Monday Linky

A linky on any topic you wish, running from Monday-Friday weekly.


As ever there are some basic rules, there isn't many so please read and stick to these. Anyone not sticking to the rules will be removed from participating. 

1. You must add the above code to the post you have linked up to so the picture is added.
2. Comment on at two blogs post in front of you on the list, more is appreciated if you wish. Use the #mummymonday in comments so people know where you stopped by from.
3. Only one entry per blog.
4. Posts, reviews, videos, competitions etc all allowed - but not other linkies.

Twitter Hashtag - #mummymonday
(please use this hashtag so others can see your posts, also use #mblogchat and tag us as well at @mummy_bloggers plus a social media share to help spread the word of the linky too) 

For those of you who may be old or new, and struggling to work out how to join in linkies. I created a YouTube tutorial. I admit it isn't the greatest and I was so nervous when talking (sorry!) but should certainly do the job to help you understand :) So check out this video here to learn how to join in:

Best Wishes, Mummy Bloggers Team x

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