Monday, 23 June 2014

Facebook Group - NEW

If you have read our latest post about our future plans, changes and announcements, if you haven't then please check it out below and there is a very quick survey to be taken too.

Everyone has voted for a Facebook group for a while now, so we have done what was asked :) You can either go to the link below or search "#mblogchat - mummy bloggers community"

Click Here For Facebook Group!

I will be putting all rules up on there, but here are a few so far:

You are only allowed to post one link a day to your post/blog.
Questions are allowed to be asked if you need info etc.
No nastiness/bitchiness.
Please message admin if you have any problems.

If you do not follow the rules, then you will be warned a maximum of twice and then you will be removed on third chance. This depends on the severity of the issue at hand, we do have the right to remove anyone if we believe someone is in harm, at threat, being bullied or anything along those lines.

I hope you enjoy this new Facebook group and put your requests to join in now :)

Best Wishes, Mummy Bloggers Team x

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