Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Thankyou & Future Plan Annoucements :)

Hello everyone,


I would like to start of by thanking you for stopping by and reading this post :) As well as a big thankyou for all your support and friendliness from the beginning and making mummy bloggers community what it is today. Now I need a bit of help to improve so please keep reading :)

Twitter Hashtag/Chat

Mummy Bloggers has been running since the end of January on our Twitter, which you can see by clicking here (@mummy_bloggers). We created the weekly #mblogchat which is every Friday 8-9pm for mummies or mummy bloggers but everyone is welcome of course, topic changes weekly. It has been such a success, I really enjoy talking to everyone and we do have a great time as everyone is so friendly and welcoming.

As well as using the hashtag #mblogchat for the chat, if you promote your posts including the hashtag or by tagging us, then you will get a RT :)


We have instagram, which is new to us and trying to get the hang of it - you can find it here (@mummy_bloggers). So be sure to follow us, we follow back and use the hashtag #mblogchat there so we can see your posts and possible RT!


Guest Bloggers

With the chat such a success, back in April I decided to create this blog as a community for all mummy bloggers and it is a community. You may wonder why the blog is so quiet, because I do not write for it as I have my own personal blog for that. This is a community, which in return means I need you guys to help with posting. I was looking at having 2 posts a week on a Thursday and Saturday, but the demand hasn't been great or have been let down. When we have had some great posts from you guys, it has been terrific so I couldn't stress more how much I need you guys to help out! If you would be interested here is some more info:

- Pick your own topic, anything you like (something that mummies would want to read but can be baby, beauty, lifestyle, review etc)
- Write it up, add a picture or a few!
- Send it over to our email mummybloggers@outlook.com
- We then post with links to your blog and social media

It is a way to get your blog heard of and reach a different/wider audience :)

Blog Badge

We have a badge and may I just say that it is a bloody pretty badge! So I want you guys to add this to your blog page, all of you, so we can spread the word and everyone who sees it will know you are a part of this great mummy bloggers community :) Just copy the HTML link in the white box below and paste in your blog side bar pretty please!

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We are now on the final week of our #mummyessentialproject series type thing, started off doing well but towards the end has deflated a little with only really me posting. My own fault as I didn't advertise enough. Be sure to check it out though as frankly there was some great informative posts that will be helpful for mums to be and mums starting to wean etc :)

I want to do more projects/series in the future if this is something people would actually be interested in?


We do have a Facebook page but it is so unloved and not essential so shall be getting deleted. But I wondered if you guys wanted a facebook group created for us to share our posts etc, I am a member of a couple on Facebook and find them to be very good. There is one similar for mummy bloggers specifically, but there is never any harm in another. We have had a couple of people ask for us to create one but we would like more people's opinions before going ahead.


As we have plans for the future to make this blog a success and widen our audience etc, we do have a BlogLovin which you should follow to keep up to date on upcoming news on everything and of course posts. Follow by clicking here - we are close to 50 :)

Future Plans

We have two very exciting things that will be starting in the very near future, these are:

- weekly link up for your best post of the week (sunday)
- weekly Q&A with one different mummy blogger to get to know them better (tuesday)

As I have said both of these will be starting in the future, when I have thought of some catchy names and made badges for them. I am excited for these and can't wait for them to kick off!

Meet Up

Towards the end of the year, I am hoping to plan a meet up for mummy bloggers from all across the UK and further if you wish to travel. There are no immediate plans but I do want to allow myself enough time to plan everything properly. There would probably be a small charge because I am unable to come up with all the costs myself, but I shall get companies aboard etc. What do you think?


I have created a Survey below which it would mean the world if you could fill it out to give us some idea of how well you think we are doing and on improvements etc. It is annoynomous, but there is the option to leave your name and blog if you wish :)


I hope you have all managed to stay tuned for this long, if you have, thank you very much :) suggestions and ideas would be welcome.

Best Wishes, Mummy Blogger Team x


  1. Thanks for the update. I'm saving it for later so I can have a think about any series ideas and to make sure I make a note of your link-up. I love the Q&A idea aswell :) xx

  2. All sounds great, thanks for the update. The linky & q&a ideas in particular :) I never saw the mummy essentials series, sorry but do like the idea of other series. I've favourites to do the survey when my toddler will let me!!

  3. I'll do a feature what do you want from me Gemma x x


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