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#mblogchat meet-up (17th Jan 2015 in Milton Keynes)


Today I am talking about a #mblogchat meet up that was highly requested. During the recent #mblogchat on Friday night, I talked about plans etc whilst getting advice from you guys and well now plans are being put into action.

I have a date and location, so I now ask that if you want to come like 85% sure then please fill out your name and details in the form below so you can be added to the list. We NEED to know these asap so I know how many of you wonderful bloggers and your beautiful children we will be catering for.

I have chosen this date as I wanted something where I have enough time to plan something amazing as well as 17th January actually marks a WHOLE year since the very first #mblogchat so a sort of celebration too :)

Event Details:

  • Milton Keynes Location (actually venue to be arranged)
  • Saturday 17th January 2015
  • 3-4 hours long over the lunch time period
  • Pregnant, mummy or daddy bloggers are welcome
  • Children are welcome and encouraged to bring (& partners if you wish!)
  • Food (& cakeee!!!), drinks, soft play, bouncy castle & much more provided
  • Talks - blogging tips, pamper etc
  • General meet and greet of fellow bloggers
  • Tickets will cost (price to be around £20, keeping as low as I possibly can)
  • Possible photographer
  • Goody bags :)
Please bare in mind, these are subject to change (not date or location hopefully) as they are not set in stone yet. 


I do apologise there will be a cost for tickets but I can not afford it alone, it would be impossible. I will keep it as low as possible but hoping to be around the £20 mark (maybe slightly higher or lower) this will include all your entertainment, food etc. So I do hope you don't mind as I do understand with travel costs etc it can be alot! If you can not make it last minute, the ticket will not be refundable but you may wish to get another blogger to take your place. If not, I will try to arrange for a goody bag to be sent to you :)

Location Choice

It was pretty divided between London and Milton Keynes, but with only an hour difference in travel on a quick easy route. I decided to go with Milton Keynes, as things will be cheaper and I am then able to travel easier with all the goody bags etc as more local to mine. I don't fancy carrying goody bags and cake on the train to London to be quite honest.

I am trying to find a venue which is very close to the train station like walking distance, but at present I am not sure if this is possible. In Milton Keynes buses and taxes do run all over especially from the train station so although this may be an extra cost it can not be helped. 


We have made this a child friendly event because we feel it would be fun and exciting to meet all the kids that we see daily on blogs and with the friends that we have made. Their will be plenty to keep them occupied and so they have fun.


Your details will not be used for anything more than contact in regards to the event, as I will send out emails with updates and ticket information when this is sorted :)

If you know any brands or companies that you think may be willing to work with us for goody bags, talks, entertainment or more than please do let me know as it would be greatly appreciated :)

If you have any queries then please tweet or private message as at @mummy_bloggers, email at and I will be more than happy to help as much as I can :) 

If you can please tweet the link to this post and get as many people involved as possible, it would be greatly appreciated as more the merrier :)

Thankyou for reading and I really hope to see you there!

Best Wishes, Mummy Bloggers Team xx

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