Saturday, 11 October 2014

Saturday Spotlight - Q&A // Mama Vs Teacher

Q1: A bit about yourself and children?

I am 27, a full time History teacher at my local Secondary school, a wife to "the hubby" and a Mama to Sprog. Sprog was born August 2013 after making me the size of a house and is a weighty child plodding along the 98th percentile in his little red book. He is my absolute world and makes my heart melt.

Q2: A bit about your blog? 

My blog is a collection of my random thoughts on life as a parent and life as a working Mama.

Q3: When and why did you start blogging?

 I set it up in March this year just before I went back to work after my maternity leave. The purpose was for me to reflect upon balancing Mama life and teacher life and also being able to focus on the positive aspects of doing both. I was the only one of my friends to have a baby for quite a while, there are nearly 3 more now but they are all behind Sprog in development so I wanted to find a way to connect with other parents and offload the worries of parenting.

Q4: What do you like writing about? Maybe your top 5 favourite things to write about? 

There is a lot about the activities that Sprog, the hubby and I get up to at the weekends, they are our escape times for just us three. I write about things I see or read that surprise me or inspire me from other parenting blogs. I have just begun to write reviews for a couple of products and I am excited to see where this could lead.

Q5: Where do you get your inspiration for posts from? 

Mainly from the activities that I try and do to make our time together as a family special and from the struggle to find balance in my life.

Q6: What was your first blog post about?

It was about my failure at being a domestic goddess! Nothing much has changed. On that particular day, I had aimed to make Sprog's lunch whilst he napped but failed miserably and burnt the potatoes and the pan!

Q7: What do you find toughest about blogging?

Finding time to make the contacts to increase my audience but also finding things to write about now that my world has been taken back over by teaching.

Q8: What do you look for in someone else's blog?

I love good photo's! And some inspiration for things to see and do. I have found it so useful to see that other people have had the same worries or concerns that I have had.

Q9: What advice would you give to your fellow bloggers?

Blog about what matters to you. It's not very easy to rave about activities, thoughts, products when they aren't things that would usually entertain you. And include photo's! Everyone is noisy really and just wants to see what everyone else is doing!

Q10: Recommend three other blogs you're currently loving?

YouBabyMeMummy, Teacher 2 Mummy, and Belle Du Brighton.

Q11: What is your favourite thing about blogging?

By having a commitment to writing my blog, I have a commitment to something that remains just for me. There are not many things that are sacred and solely for me... even my teaching is scrutinised regularly by others so in my blogging world, I can be me, talk about things that concern/worry/excite/please me about parenting with a group of people who can relate and encourage me.

Q12: Where can we find you?

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