Saturday, 25 October 2014

Saturday Spotlight - Q&A // Twinderelmo

Q1: A bit about yourself and children?

My names Beth and I'm in my late 20s. I took voluntary redundancy after my maternity leave ended this April so am now officially a stay at home Mom to my 5 year old son and 16 month old identical twin girl toddlers. We live together in Shropshire with Daddy & my husband.

Q2: A bit about your blog?

It's mainly a parenting blog. My son is now at school and my girls are twins so these subjects are quite often the focus of posts but it can vary massively!

Q3: When and why did you start blogging?

I originally set up my blog last October but never really spent much time on it. I really started blogging and sorted out the layout etc in June this year. It's become my hobby and something that still gets my brain going. It's helped me have focus after a difficult time family wise.

Q4: What do you like writing about? Maybe your top 5 favourite things to write about?

I love to write about twins (obvs!) I still, 16 months on, can't believe I had twins! They've been a massive learning curve and also impacted greatly on how our family is. I also like to write about C and his school life. With him being my first it's all new experiences for us. I also like to write the odd ranty piece - namely about yummy mummy's and how times have changed for me from being a wannabe YM to just a scummy mummy. I also write a fair bit about my late Mom. It's hard but a good outlet.

Q5: Where do you get your inspiration for posts from?

Other peoples blogs often can plant a seed and I go from there. Twitter conversations often also spark a lot of thought but it's usually things that have been happening that ends up in the posts.

Q6: What was your first blog post about?

It was just an introduction to me and also my family. A very boring bog standard first post!

Q7: What do you find toughest about blogging?

Time. I struggle to find a set routine of putting time aside to sit and write so I'm very erratic in my posts.

Q8: What do you look for in someone else's blog?

I like relatable blogs. I hate to admit that I don't want to read how perfect and amazing everything is all the time. I want to be able to think - yeah that's like me! I also love funny blogs. I have a very dry sarcastic humour and I relate to other blogs like this!

Q9: What advice would you give to your fellow bloggers?

Enjoy! So cliche but don't get caught up in stats and what everyone else is doing. If you are constantly comparing then you'll never find any inspiration - you'll just become uber bitter!

Q10: Recommend three other blogs you're currently loving?

I love Donna at RedheadBabyled. She helped me out a lot when I started blogging and the variety of her posts keep it fresh and interesting.
Emma at BrummyMummyof2 is just hilarious and I'll always read her posts as they make me howl!
Becky at 3Princesses1Dude is a new blog I've started reading. She's very entertaining too!

Q11: What is your favourite thing about blogging?

I have loved having a hobby that is mine. A place to release and also it's helped me find some very funny awesome new friends on twitter.

Q12: Where can we find you?

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