Tuesday, 13 May 2014

#mummyessentialproject // Week 3


This is Week 3 - Lotions & Potions (Bath, Bum Rash, Oil etc)

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Thank you to those who did join in last week, everyone had such great posts :) For those who didn't join in, it's not too late - start with this one. We are now onto week 3 with Lotions & Potions - when your posts are up and running, don't forget to come back here and link up below!

For those wondering I haven't done my own essentials post on here as I am participating from my personal blog which will be in the link up below :)

Really looking forward to your posts, if you still want to join in go ahead please - this link up is open until Midnight next Monday just in time for week 4 to start :) For more info on each week please click here.

Also it would be really great if in your post you can say where you have linked up too or with the #mummyessentialproject badge up above please :)

Best Wishes,

Mummy Bloggers Team

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  1. Hey Gemma, I'm afraid I don't really have anything to write for this one as I'm utterly clueless about these things yet! I'll keep an eye out for people's posts though to enlighten me on the subject xxx


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