Tuesday, 27 May 2014

#mummyessentialproject // Week 5


This is Week 5 - Electrical (Bottles, Sterilisers, Monitors etc)

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It would be great if you can add the above picture into your blogpost so other readers can see where all the info about it :)

We are now into week 5 and soon coming to an end and I would just like to thank everyone who is taking part so far, I am really enjoying the posts and it will be great to see more, remember you can join in at any point so if you haven't already then please do now if you want too :) whether you are pregnant and preparing your stuff or a mother who has been through it all share your wisdom!

I haven't been putting my essentials on here as I have been participating from my own personal blog which will be linked below!

Looking forward to your posts as per usual, this link up is open until Midnight next Monday just in time for week 6 for Teething to start :) For more info on each week please click here.

See you next week lovelies :)

Best Wishes,

Mummy Bloggers Team

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